Groupe Trimétrix
The footcare professionals!

Proudly serving orthotists, podiatrists, podiatric nurses and posturologists since 2006.

Groupe Trimétrix offers a full range of premium services to assist clients and clinicians in the design of foot and toe orthotics and much more.

Helping you wait on your clients hand and foot!

Orthotic Insole Bases

Models for children, sports, urban life, people with diabetes and more!


Resin, foam, top layer, shock absorbers, energy boosters, finishing, cork and more!


RCS, RCB, internal arch, heel ring, Schwartz ring, pronator pads and more!

Toe Orthoses

Various levels of firmness with correction and finishing silicone

Evaluation Equipment and Accessories

Expertly moulded to the shape of your feet

For running, hiking, skating, golfing and more!

Medical Pedicures

Coming soon!

Multifonction coverings


Discover our selection of products for medical clinics and high-traffic areas

We offer a full range of cleaners and disinfectants along with a natural odour-fighter that uses the power of bacterial culture to eliminate unpleasant odours.

A complete lineup of non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-carcinogenic products, all proudly made in Canada in compliance with environmental standards.

Disinfectants and Cleaners

Eco-friendly biotechnological solutions to sanitize and disinfect counters, furniture, baths, equipment, accessories, floors and walls.

Natural Odour-Fighter

Biotechnological, biodegradable product that targets the decomposing organic matter responsible for unpleasant odours.

Proudly Canadian, Groupe Trimétrix is a leader in the field of podiatry!



Founded in January 2006 in Montréal, Groupe Trimétrix specializes in the field of podiatry and serves the Canadian market.

Over the years, we have built a team of seasoned foot health professionals, material specialists, product designers and biomechanics experts who have leveraged their multidisciplinary experience to develop two main categories of products.

The first features products used in the fabrication of orthopedic insoles to meet the requirements of the medical community and prescribing professionals.

The second line, MetriX3, was developed for professional and amateur athletes seeking comfortable, performance-enhancing sports insoles.

In 2017, Groupe Trimétrix introduced a made-in-Canada line of disinfectants and cleaners, and developed an all-natural odour-fighting product in association with our partner Bio-Culture.

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